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Did you know that to learn a language:

The first thing you need to learn is to key words
So we picked 300 words in 16 screens instantly recognizable from kids’ daily lives
The best way to memorise is through repetition
We created exercises that do just that. But our exercises look like games
It’s hard to hear words when you do not speak the language
We have videos of children enunciating words to help children understand better

Young Kids Can Hear Languages Better

You can learn a new language at any age, but young children have an ability to speak without an accent. That’s why our app targets children between the ages of 2-6.


Did you know how
To motivate a child to learn?

Younger kids look up to older kids a lot
That’s why we hired older kids to be the teachers
How to best help your child to learn?
Follow what they have been learning in the parents’ area and reinforce it. This is why we have offline activities too.
Kids love games
That’s why we hide exercises in games, and courage them through more games
We finally found an app that us the parents like because it is educational, and our daughter likes because it is fun.
Marie - Mum, Paris
We were delighted to finally find a good spanish vocabulary app after searching a long time!
Cathy - Mum, London
Great for kids 4 and older. The pronounciation exercise is particularly good - I can check what they did later, and incentivise them even more.
Rachel - Mum, London